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WebCard Features

The WebCard includes the following features:

  1. email accounts, both POP and redirect or forward accounts
  2. domain forwarding, also known as url forwarding
  3. an online business card

Let's explore some of these features and illustrate you how you can use them.

Email Accounts - why you need your own domain email accounts

The WebCard service includes one free email account that will allow you to send and receive email using your own domain name. One of the reasons you register a domain name is to establish a unique identity on the internet for yourself or your business. The most widely used application on the internet is sending and receiving emails. In other words, your most used identity on the internet is your email identity.

Without your own domain email, you are in essence promoting someone else's identity. You are promoting AOL, HotMail, Yahoo, earthlink, Wanadoo, BTinternet. Not only that, as a business it makes you look very small to your customers and suppliers. It does not convey a very professional image.

With your own domain email, you are no longer sharing someone else's identity. Instead of being you3456@aol.com, you will be able to send and receive emails as you@yourname.com. This has several advantages:

  1. it makes you look bigger because you have your own independent email address, just like the big boys
  2. it makes it easier for others to remember your email address
  3. you no longer have to settle for a second or third choice name such as john25 or mary235

The WebCard comes with one email account slot. Additional email accounts can be ordered for an extra fee of $2 per month per additional account.
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What is Domain Forwarding or URL Forwarding? Why would I need it?

Domain forwarding, or, url forwarding as it is sometimes called, allows you to "point" your domain to a web space on a different server located somewhere else. It works very similar to the forwarding option you may have on your telephone. Calls received at your number are being transferred automatically to any number you specify without the caller knowing that you are actually not picking up the call at the phone attached to that number. Domain forwarding does the same.

If you have free web space with AOL, Geocities, FreeServe, your web site address is something very complicated, like:


Compare that with a domain name


The last one is much easier to type and remember, isn't it?

Many of the free space providers do not permit you to directly attach your easy-to-remember domain name to your web space. But, with domain forwarding, this is now possible.

And with the WebCard service, you can even get email under your own domain! So, instead of having an email address like

john3453@aol.com or ellen34@earthlink.com

you can have an email address like john@yourname.com or ellen@yourname.com.
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What is the online business WebCard? How do I use it?

You can create business card online. This online business card is very similar to the paper business cards you have been handing out to customers, suppliers or business associates, with the major difference that this business card is visible on the internet, rather than being printed on paper.

This online business card can have several uses. For example, if your web site is not designed yet and you do not want people to hit an empty page when they type in your domain, the WebCard will enable you to at least display some basic information about you or your company and to provide contact information where your visitors can reach you.

Or, you can use the WebCard as a customized "under construction" page. Rather than a plain old "under construction sign", you can add your contact information and provide information as to when your site will be operational online

If you bought a domain as a birthday or Christmas present, you can also create a page that wishes the recipient of your domain gift a happy birthday or happy holidays!
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Have a look at some of our samples at http://WebCard.azc.com/htmls/samples.html.

What are the WebCard fees?

Domain name registration fee $25/year
WebCard annual service fee $14.95/year

Add on fees

Each additional email account $2/month
Domain transfer fee (if you registered elsewhere) $25
Domain unmapping fee (if you downgrade from an AZC hosting account) $25

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Additional questions? Need more information? Please feel free to email us at info@azc.com with any questions you may have.

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