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(plus applicable domain registration fees of $25 per year)

receive email at your own domain name forward your domain name to your free web space at aol, geocities, tripod create an online business card

AZC's WebCard service allows you to ...

  1. Add email to your domain so that you can get email at you@yourdomain.com.
  2. Forward your domain name to your existing web site at free web site providers such as Geocities, Tripod, FreeServe, AOL* and more.
  3. Create an online business card (WebCard)** that will be displayed at www.yourdomainname. No programming skills needed, you simply select a border, select a graphic, type in your address and phone number and presto, your online business card is ready for the world to see.

* If you are an AOL user, please click here for important information.

** Note that if you select the domain forwarding option, you would not be able to display an online business card and vice versa. A domain site can only have one start page. You may switch back and forth between the WebCard and domain forwarding as many times and as often as you find it necessary.

Click here for more about the WebCard service features!

What is Domain Forwarding (or Url Forwarding)? Do I need it?

Domain forwarding, or, url forwarding as it is sometimes called, allows you to point your domain to a web space on a different server located somewhere else. More

I registered my domain name through an AZC service. How do I upgrade to AZC's WebCard service?

If you have a domain registered through any of the AZC sites and the domain is not already pointing to another domain (i.e. has been "mapped"), then you can upgrade to the WebCard service. More

I registered my domain name through another provider. Can I order the AZC WebCard service?

Yes, you can use our WebCard service. It will only take a few steps. First, you will need to transfer your domain. More

I have a free web site someplace else. How will your WebCard service help me?

If you have free web space somewhere else, chances are that its web address is something very complicated, like

Shorten that web address by forwarding your new domain name to your site. More

Does the WebCard come with email?

Yes, the WebCard service allows you to send and receive email under your domain. Your WebCard includes one free email account. Additional email accounts can be ordered for an extra fee of $2 per month per extra account. More

What complications can America Online (AOL) customers come across?

The WebCard User Interface is not fully compatible with the AOL browser. Therefore, in order to use your new WebCard services, you will have to connect to the Internet using AOL and then open another browser such as Internet Explorer or Netscape. The AOL connection itself is not the problem, only the AOL browser. Don't worry, visitors to your site using the AOL browser will be able to view your web site. It is only the behind-the-scenes user interface that you must use in order to set up the site that may not be visible via the AOL browser.
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